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Masks4Jax is a grassroots movement whose sole goal is to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our Jacksonville community. We have a simple message. Adhere to the CDC recommendations of:

1. Social distancing
2. Hand washing
3. Avoiding contact with your face, and
4. Wearing non-medical grade masks in public.

The first three guidelines have been extensively covered in the media. Wearing masks in public, however, is a new concept in our society. Our goal is to make masks widely available through partnerships with large scale manufacturers and businesses around Jacksonville, as well as through a grassroots effort to sew handmade masks.

Our first initiative will be to distribute 30,000 masks to 50 locally-owned restaurants around the city. Since it would be counterproductive for people to congregate in one location to pick up masks, local restaurants are the best option for distribution with great safety protocols already in place. Local restaurants will be handing out two masks per customer, free of charge, with every to-go order. Click here for a full list of participating locations.

In addition, we are also partnering with the media and local businesses to properly educate the public on the wearing, handling, and cleaning of these masks.

For phase two of our initiative, Masks4Jax has partnered with the City of Jacksonville to acquire up to 350,000 masks. These will be distributed through city programs like Meals on Wheels, homeless shelters and the Duval County Schools emergency meal service. The Jacksonville Jaguars will also purchase and distribute 40,000 masks through the service.

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